Legislative Information

Who are the key policy makers? What are the needs in local areas? How can policy makers best understand the impact of various decisions? Join GLETA as we enhance those relationships. GLETA's goal is to identify key policy makers and developing issues, to work together to identify real solutions, and to provide early input to the Department of Labor and key decision makers.

GLETA will help you learn quickly about legislative issues and will teach you how to cut through it all, identify key issues, and share and provide information to members and policy makers.

GLETA develops white papers on issues to disseminate and share local workforce needs.

GLETA supports national association efforts when appropriate.

If there is an issue you'd like to see GLETA take action on, or if you have questions on a legislative process or policy, please contact a member of our Board.

Legislative Papers

USCM WDC Specific Policy Recommendations for Core Principles of WIA Reauthorization:

For Mayors & Members of Congress (2 pages)

For General Advocacy (5 pages)

For Congressional Staff working specifically on reauthorization (12 pages)

All of these papers can be accessed via the United States Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council website.